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Glass Cleaner

Glass Cleaner

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Proper Care’s Glass Cleaner is a streak-free, ready-to-use formula, that works great on your your glass, mirrors, and navigation screens. It’s ammonia free so it can be used on your tinted glass. 

This powerful formula can remove fingerprints, drool, dust, haze, and anything else you’ll typically find on the interior and exterior glass. 

It’s a simple and fast application. You only need a few spritz of the cleaner on the surface, a clean towel, and you’ll have crystal clear glass. 

  • Powerful formula easily removes dirt, drool, and grime on interior and exterior glass
  • Ammonia-free formula. Safe to use on tinted glass
  • Ready-to-use formula 
  • Can be used on glass, mirrors, or navigation screens 

Surfaces You Can Clean:

  • Glass 
  • Mirrors 
  • Navigation screens
  • Chrome 
  • Home glass and windows 

Tips To Cleaning 

  • Clean the glass in a cool-shaded area. If the glass is hot, the product will dry out faster and make it difficult to clean. Spray
  • Use dedicated glass towels for the easiest cleaning experience. Used towels or towels with built up polish residue (even if clean), can cause streaking or lint to be left behind. 
  • Inspect your glass in the sun. This is the best way to see if you have any streaks or smears you need to address. 
  • Roll down your windows! There’s probably a lot of dirt and grime built up at the top of the glass. It makes a big difference to clean this off (especially if you drive with the windows down).
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