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Everyday Car Soap

Everyday Car Soap

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Proper Care’s Everyday Car Soap is a safe and effective shampoo for your maintenance washes or if you’re prepping a vehicle for polishing. 
This pH neutral formula will produce thick suds for a gentle, swirl-free wash. It breaks down the dirt and grime on your paint without stripping away any protection like waxes, sealants or coatings.
  • pH neutral formula will break down grime and soil without stripping away wax, sealants or coatings 
  • Great to use with a foam cannon, foam gun, or bucket
  • Create a thick layer of foam for a swirl-free wash 
  • Perfect for your maintenance or prep washes

Step 1. Pour 2 to 5oz into foam cannon or 4 to 6oz into wash bucket (amount of soap to use will vary based on water levels). 
Step 2. Swirl foam cannon to mix or spray water directly into bucket to activate suds.
Step 3. Rinse vehicle to remove dirt, foam the vehicle down, and wash from top to bottom using a microfiber mitt or towel.
Step 4. Dry vehicle with air blower and microfiber towel. 

Wash tips: 
Fill your foam cannon or wash bucket with water first before pouring soap. Avoid washing in direct sunlight as the product will dry faster. Do not let soap dry on the surface to avoid stains. Swirl, don’t shake, the foam cannon to mix the water and soap.

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